About Alternative Prosperity OPEN

Alternative Prosperity OPEN (AP OPEN) is a multi-stakeholder forum for unpacking complex issues and new opportunities. We bring together leaders and change agents to work collectively and in innovative ways. The contributors, participants, location and arrangement of the day(s) are selected with care to encourage optimal connection to genuineness in an inspiring, honest and collaborative space.We chose the term OPEN as it represents potential and inclusiveness. It is however also a term that refers to an attitude. An attitude that values diversity, different points of view and multiple levels of intelligence1 . All of which is required to deal with complexity. In our process, we however aim to be pragmatic, doing-focused and not to over complicate unnecessarily.

AP OPEN is about creating and facilitating dedicated time for organisations, teams or individuals to explore and express what is means to be human.We help to remind and reconnect with purpose as individuals, teams, and organisations and ultimately as a system. An opportunity to stand still in order to move fast. Below is some of our methodology and selected areas of exploration.

The aim of the dialogues is to start change processes at various levels:

Identify and capacitate empowerment champions

Impact targets and ways to measure it

A Charter to determine impactful transformation

Capturing and telling your stories

AP open deliverables