Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The business case for diverse organisations being more competitive in a complex society has been made.

In a global society, this is also a moral imperative. Recurring and persistent racial, age and gender tensions in organisations /society show that the integration of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is something that organisations struggle with. Embedding DEI requires deep work with internal and external stakeholders and requires a change of hearts and minds.

To embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices through an end-to-end process of deep learning and authentic connection. It is an organisational journey that aims to add knowledge, build relationships and ignite good practices that are integrated with business strategy and culture in a sustainable manner.

Our approach is customised with each client based on their specific needs. It aims to set direction, obtain commitment and create alignment throughout the organisation with senior leadership taking the lead.

Our DEI process is made up of distinct phases or steps to ensure a structured and outcomes-driven process. It is underpinned by a strong support base to catch and manage any fallout from the process. We make use of a team of specialists in the fields of mediation, counselling and psychological safety. We also work with the organisation’s own occupational wellness team if preferred.