Repeat B-BBEE OWNERSHIP FUNDAMENTALS Webinar – 9 June 2020

This will be a repeat of the webinar that was scheduled for 2 June 2020.
We have had an overwhelming response, filled the maximum seats and therefore we are hosting it again.
Please register to join us at 10h00AM on 9 June 2020.


This webinar is designed to provide anyone working with B-BBEE and transformation related issues with an overview of B-BBEE Ownership compliance requirements. This course will assist in gaining knowledge which in turn can translate into scorecard value.

This complimentary Fundamentals webinar will be of particular value to individuals that work within B-BBEE Ownership.  The webinar will also be of value to individuals who work in compliance, strategy, and B-BBEE/transformation reporting.

The aim of the Ownership Fundamentals Webinar is to transfer compliance knowledge through a practical and interactive learning experience. The course will also include a Q&A session where practical issues could be addressed.

For delegates who complete the Fundamentals Webinar, we recommend the B-BBEE Ownership MASTERCLASS Webinar for building a deeper technical understanding of B-BBEE Ownership, as well as providing better insight into the critical issues that have an impact on the final compliance result.


The event is finished.