Services and Products

Alternative Prosperity provides a broad range of services and products
relating to B-BBEE and Transformation.
B-BBEE Scorecard Assessment
and Gap Analysis

We assist clients to optimise compliance scores in a responsible manner. This is achieved by assisting in the clean-up and capture of all material data accurately, after which a score is calculated using the AP scorecard calculator.

We evaluate the scorecard performance in detail and identify the gaps and possible opportunities for improvement.

Strategy Development

Alternative Prosperity considers transformation in its broader context. Several drivers are at play; social, economic, technological, legal and political amongst others.

Risk management and interconnected complexity are forcing organisations to re-think and re-imagine the possibilities associated with Transformation.

Ownership Transactions and Structuring

Black ownership is a substantial and complex part of B-BBEE.

We evaluate and analyse organisational structure, black ownership and net value and provide options to optimise and/or introduce black ownership that will not only enhance your scorecard but will align with corporate strategy.

Mandated Investments

Capital markets typically rely heavily on the use of financial intermediaries, and the ability to trade rapidly and largely anonymously. These attributes do not make for an easy fit with the need to measure black economic empowerment. A substantial proportion of the shares of many issuer companies are indirectly held via financial institutions.

Technical Advice, Opinions and Reports

We provide technical advice and opinions on complex BEE issues. If your organisation have a specific BEE issue and need clarity on the implementation and interpretation of the Code and appropriate solutions we can assist. Based on our policy involvement and representation on the technical committee AP has in depth knowledge and experience around the interpretation and application of BEE rules and regulations.


We conduct commissioned research on transformation and other ESG related topics. We have conducted extensive research on the state of transformation in SA, Black ownership and BEE compliance of JSE listed companies.

We have completed commissioned research for amongst others; The BEE Commissioner, FINWEEK and the JSE.

AP Open

The future of South Africa is dependent on how we dissolve issues of race, especially economic empowerment. There is disconnect between how Government and Business believe this should best be done. Not understanding and articulating your companies’ position will hamper your success in South Africa. We craft and embed your transformation through our AP OPEN process.