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Department of Trade and Industry


The first Practice Note for the YES initiative was released via Government Gazette 41975 of 12 October 2018.

Elaborated issues in the Practice Note include:

  • E.S. Measured Entities needs to Registered and Monitored by the Y.E.S Non-Profit Company in order to be awarded any B-BBEE Recognition
  • Public and Specialized Entities – No Sub-minimum requirements needed
  • Sector Specific Entities Sub Minimums calculated according to relevant Sector
  • Maintenance of previous B-BBEE Status Level with possible exceptions with justifiable evidence
  • First year absorption targets excluded from verification
  • Prescription for “Fall-outs”
  • Not a Learnership, Internship or Apprenticeship
  • Skills Development Claim up to 50%
  • Size of enterprise requirements
  • EME’s & 51% plus Black ownership QSE’s to be verified
  • B-BBEE recognition for jobs created
  • Registration Procedures
  • Sub-minimum Calculations
  • Calculation of Y.E.S. Targets
  • Verification requirements for Y.E.S. Initiative


Download the Gazetted Practice Note here

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